Hi.  My name is Kelly Raymer.  I recently moved to Los Angeles (September 2014).  In relocating to Los Angeles, I learned a lot about getting here, a lot about living here and a lot about this city.  It’s taken me awhile to get acclimated to this city.  I want to help you and your family get up and running here in Los Angeles after your move.

About me, I worked in IT (Information Technology) for 25 years.  I got my first computer programming job in late 1988 and did it until my job was downsized in 2014.  I saw many changes in technology, the advent of the internet.  My primary role was supporting HR/Payroll systems created by PeopleSoft I was very adept at it and started that path of my career in 1998.

I am now an entrepreneur in Los Angeles and this is one of my endeavors.  I have a dog (Ginny) and a cat (Darwin).